Redesign Rupert Team

Steering Committee

The role of the committee is to bring the voice of the community to the discussion. The Redesign Rupert Steering Committee is expected to:

  • Provide direction to the Project Manager to help achieve Redesign Rupert’s goals.

  • Reflect on the information, perspectives, and lessons being identified through Redesign Rupert’s activities and research in relation to the goals and objectives of Redesign Rupert.

  • Identify and advise on solutions to issues and challenges that arise.

The members of the Redesign Rupert Steering Committee are:

  • Lee Brain, Mayor of Prince Rupert

  • John Farrell, General Manager of Community Futures

  • Corinne Bomben, Chief Financial Officer, City of Prince Rupert

  • Scott Farwell, President of Tourism Prince Rupert

  • Blair Mirau, City Councillor, City of Prince Rupert

  • Robert Long, City Manager, City of Prince Rupert

  • Paul Venditelli, Manager of Transportation & Economic Development, City of Prince Rupert

Project manager

Ceilidh Marlow is the Project Manager for Phase II of Redesign Rupert. Ceilidh brings to the project a wealth of experience in communications, project management, and organizational planning. Ceilidh holds a Master of Arts in Professional Communications, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Editing. Most recently, Ceilidh worked as the Director of Development at the Museum of Northern BC in Prince Rupert, drafting and implementing a new Fund Development Plan, as well as a new Marketing & Communications plan. Ceilidh has also been a freelance consultant for the past five years, offering project management, copywriting, editing, and web design services.

downtown project coordinator 

Denise Gonzalez is the Downtown Project Coordinator for Phase II of Redesign Rupert. A Master’s student at York University, Denise has experience in teaching undergraduate courses at York University in World Geography, assisting with the implementation of a community-organized cultural plan in downtown Toronto, and working as a community artist. Denise is joining the Redesign Rupert team for an 8-month internship facilitated through the Ecotrust Canada’s North Coast Innovation Lab from January-August 2019.